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hr system software is an intuitive HR software solution specifically designed for Kuwait and the wider GCC region to save you time and money. Our secure cloud implementation for hr system also there is a lot of benefits of hr systems

We understand what challenges you face within your organization. That’s why we developed HR cloud solutions that can help you reduce operational costs, save time so you can focus on strategy, and empower your employees to live up to their full potential. Our comprehensive suite of cloud HR solutions have helped clients exponentially improve their organization. EIFAD continues to achieve great accomplishments and drive success in the world of Human Resources, and because we have been able to combine our team’s experiences with modern-day HR technology, we are passing one milestone after the other in Human Resources intellectual property (IP). By creating a localized system that caters to several countries across the MENA region, and thus remaining compliant with each country’s rules and regulations, we have been able to reach and gain the trust of over 3,500+ clients. We have also entered the world of Cloud Computing where EIFAD has proved to be yet again one of the most specialized Human Resources systems in the Gulf Region and the Middle East.

how can hr software help you ?

EIFAD GROUP for smart solutions like Human Resource has an obligation to the organization to control costs and Payroll software. To control these costs however, companies must first be in a position to measure them, as information regarding company’s performance is critical in maintaining its competitive advantage. Part of this equation is a need to effectively gather and analyze data on personnel; EIFAD GROUP gives organizations this ability and allows HR truly to function as a strategic, value-enhancing department. HR System Kuwait

hr software - hr system kuwait

Hr Software features :

  • Our solutions are proven and pre-operational tested.
  • After sales services.
  • Local technical support.
  • web based application.
  • Local server hosting Or Cloud server hosting.
  • Bilingualism.
  • Flexible Price.
  • Easy to use.
  • Open Users.
  • Full integration with any system.
  • Comprehensive reports.

human resources system

Maintains all different types of employee-related personal information.



A fully functional, dynamic and integrated payroll management system.



Through a mobile app or web browser, employees access their information and workflows.


Time Attendance system

Tracks employees' number of hours worked to calculate monthly salaries & overtime.


Time Attendance

Records time attendance details from biometric devices or other time keeping devices.



Allows the hiring and tracking of talents from applicantion to onboarding.


Vacations and Absences

the system provides you with the ability to set more than one system (rules) for leave/absence , and the system will automatically calculate the leave/absence value. The system provides the ability to organize annual leave to ensure coordination, and it will automatically send alerts about the due date of leave to employees.



A complete library of Kuwait and GCC government forms related to employee and labor.


Easily post payroll entries into your Accounting Software GL in just few seconds.

Employee Self Services

Mobile Application

The self-service system was designed as an application that is installed on the employee's smartphone to ensure that employees remain in constant contact with the company or institution.

The application allows employees to inquire about their salary, annual leave date and balance, submit an emergency leave request, register a request for a loan, learn about the available gold/silver points, review the details of the discount or rewards, all of this is done quite easily and without the need for much experience or training.

The system allows the administration to quickly communicate with the employee through the application to transfer administrative notifications or messages, or to request attendance and leave registration through the application.

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Personnel management system

HR software
HR software
HR software

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